Creeksong Farm

An Ashe County farming endeavor that produces grass fed beef and fresh produce.

The farm has been raising cattle since 2004. Since then they have been supplying the High County with delicious, nutritious, grass fed beef. Their beef is available at the Watauga County Farmers’ Market, through our CSA, at the farm, and delivered by request to the surrounding area in sufficient quantities.

The farm has a herd of Angus brood cattle and keeps a bull with them for breeding. They raise the calves to the age of 18-24 months in order to achieve the best tenderness and flavor. During this time they are allowed mother’s milk, fresh water, all the summer grass they can eat, and hay that we harvest from our farm in the winter. The cows are then taken to Mays Meats in Taylorsville, NC where they are slaughtered, aged for fourteen days, processed, and vacuum packed for sale.

The farm also produces a variety of vegetables for the farmers market.