Fox & The Fig

Baking everything in house while using as many local products as possible.

Aaron grew up in Spruce Pine. When we started a family we knew we wanted to plant roots somewhere, be surrounded by good people, teach our kids how to grow their own food and how to love their neighbors. We believe that a great community is where you invest and what you make of it, we decided to set up camp back here in Spruce Pine, NC. We feel really strongly about putting good food (and drink!) into your body, supporting small farmers, and taking care of the environment so we have created a space that will advocate for all of these things.


We we serve Counter Culture coffee (roasted in Durham) and organic Rishi teas (out of Milwaukee).  We bake everything in house with as many local ingredients as we can source. Sweet, savory, gluten free, and vegan. We love learning and if you have questions or suggestions, please ask!