Kindly Kitchen

Boone's first plant based food establishment, meaning Kindly Kitchen is 100% Vegan. Kindly is also 100% gluten free. Menu changes daily to reflect local availability, and to allow for creativity.

“The name ‘Kindly’ is a nod to the Appalachian

Saying ‘I thank you kindly;’ a genuine expression of thanks. 

Our focus is on serving as much local food as possible. Our menu changes daily to allow the Kindly Staff to be inspired by the ingredients available. 

Our build your own bowl food options change daily to reflect local availability, and allow for creativity. Our smoothies are made from organic frozen, and fresh fruit along with Kindly made coconut milk.

We are Boone’s only plant based food establishment, we are also 100 percent gluten free. Local food is our number one priority, serving that produce in a simple, yet creative and healthy manner is number two.  

We hope to build community through clean local eating. We want to inspire eaters to eat more vegetables. We created Kindly with these moral objectives: 

We want our food to be
We receive daily deliveries, from local food purveyors and distributors.
We serve food that is minimally processed, simple and delicious.
The food we serve is ingredient driven.
Our menu reflects what is locally available.

We want our food to be
So that our community can eat food and know what is in the food we serve, know where the food was grown, and know that the food we have prepared was made with care. 

We want to always offer what is
We value our region and the growers and farmers that grow quality, healthy, trustworthy produce.  Kindly strives to support this area’s agriculture and local economy.   We hope to add to this areas demand for quality, local and seasonal produce which will encourage and support local farmers.”