Molley Chomper

Producing a variety of ciders from local fruits.

“We’re often asked by folks who try our cider:  ‘How did you learn how to make cider?’ Or when they see the cidery:  ‘How did you learn how to use all this stuff?’

The fact is that cider making is both an old tradition and a re-emerging craft here in the US.  In our part of Appalachia you can find old-timers who have been making cider from their family orchards or the back yard tree for their entire lives–we hear some of it even gets turned into apple jack.  However, most of the younger people we’ve met haven’t picked up cider making, and the generational knowledge seems like it may be at risk. ”

Molley Chomper has been at the forefront of cider production in Western NC. They do a wonderful job sourcing local ingredients, such as berries from Old Orchard Creek, to create unique and original ciders.